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November 18, 2012


Were elections money, Republicans now know what it's like to be poor

In my view, the Democrats are a center-right party, and there is simply no space for any sane positions to the right of them. That is why the Republicans spend most of their time criticizing President Obama for things he hasn’t actually done (raise taxes, move toward socialism, pass job-killing regulations, abandon Israel and so on).

President Obama is doing almost all the things that the Republicans have always said they wanted. They reject him only because they want power for themselves.

- Teed Rockwell

Nice catch.

The Republicans were once a sensible Party. The Gingrich revolution said as much. Paraphrasing, We can go along with the Deomocrats and do what's right for the country, but if we do that, i. e., "Me, too," we'll never win elections.


If you think the Democrats are center-right, then you must be really far to the Left, Horsec.

What you are clucking about winning an election, and pertending that some how you a majority vote instead 50%.

Right now California is about to start raising taxes and introduce massive regulations. And already business are looking to move to Nevada, or Texas.

we'll just see if California become a job creating, wealth generating power house, or they slide deeper into the hole they have already.

Horsec, I don't have any doubt that today's Democratic Party is yesterday's Republicans. I blame that on the fact that Democratic leaders supported New Deal and Great Society programs but a) didn't know why, and b) had no new ideas for improving them.

When Obama saw how quickly and spontaneously women reacted to the right's efforts to kill Planned Parenthood, they finally realized that fighting for progressive causes (contraception, immigration, opposing voter suppression, gay rights, etc.) energizes their voters. I hope he realizes he must continue to move the party to the left.

Trakker, if the party moves too Left, a lot of people are not going to vote them.

Besides, by then we'll be too broke to afford your vision of Utopia.

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