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December 11, 2012


If you haven't been to New York, Chicago, Detroit or even DC, they got plenty of slums; and guys like you have been running them decades.

As for the states no one wants vistit, you're over compensating; its about time you get some professional help.

Hmmm, I noticed, Dan, that you didn't answer my question. Are you guys selfish or stupid?

In your dreams (my nightmare), who builds and maintains the bridges, who repaves the roads? Since you want government out of your life and more and more tax cuts, and no government money for infrastructure, who does all the things that the government used to do?

My, you do like your loaded questions don't you. Those repairs are contracted out to private companies by the State and Local governments. And if they don't do a good job, they get fired and those governments hire someone who can do the job.

Cities have found that contracted companies do a much better job then city workers and at much lower cost.

But for you its about control more then anything.

But who PAYS those private companies who repair the roads? Who pays for the bridges, buses, subways, and all the other important infrastructure that make our country great? TAXPAYERS - our tax dollars! But the right is doing everything they can to cut money for those things. I'm hearing cities all over the country warn that they have no money to fix all the things that are falling apart. So, are you willing to raise taxes, or just let the country fall apart?

Well maybe if guys like you didn't tax and regulate companies within an inch there would be more money coming in. But, no.

Instead you drive companies out, or keep people from starting new business. They either leave the country, or just go out of business.

But for some strange reason that only makes sense to you , Trakker , you think that more taxes and massive regulation some make an economy grow instead of killing it.
Not creating jobs, not letting people keep more of their own money, not people investing in companies so they can expand.

No, just more taxes and more regulations to a make you feel good ... and nothing more.

Dan, you assume liberals like me are idiots. We're not. Libertarians like you on the other hand, keep making the rest of us wonder...

Right now in France they have raised the tax rate to 70%; people with money are leaving the country in droves. In the UK taxes got raised to 50% and people are starting to leave.

So the rich in France and England love their money more than they love their country. So what? Where are they going?

Are you trying to imply that if we raise the marginal tax rate on American billionaires to 39% they will leave too??? Good! They will leave anyway once they've gutted our middle class and turned the entire country into a slum. Who wants tolive in a slum?

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