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December 21, 2012


The Senate's Manchurian candidates, by Rep. Steve LaTourette, (R) Ohio, Nov. 12, 2012.

I do not believe that Republican primary voters in any of these five states intended to elect a Democrat in November by selecting a candidate that could not win. I do not believe that any of these Republican primary voters intended to hand Harry Reid and the Democrats control of the Senate. That is, in fact, however, what they actually did.

What could possibly explain this behavior then? How could good and loyal Republican primary voters be convinced to take actions that actually aided Reid and his liberal Democratic majority in the Senate? In short, because Republican primary voters were convinced by a handful of special interest groups that the problem was Republicans and that the answer to what ailed our party was a circular firing squad.

Not all Republicans are fools.

Not all Republicans are fools.

If so, where have they been these past few years while the astro-turf tea party captured the party? Yeah, they're upset NOW, but now it's too late.

Who knew?

Republican worker ants in the grass were probably as surprised as the Democrats, that the horses in the Republican field would saddle themselves with the nutters.

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