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August 23, 2013


The question is Trakker, who are you going to screw over to fight fires?

Vets, orphans, old people, the disabled?

Like I said, you seem to missing a lot of things going on in the world.

Dan, did you even READ my post?

I wrote, DON'T transfer money from other accounts to fight these fires. In other words, DON'T screw vets, orphans, old people, and the disabled to pay for fighting the fires. If the Republicans believe government budgets are too large, then let the programs like fighting wild fires fail when they run out of money.

In fact maybe we should just leave wildfire fighting entirely to the individual states, that way those of us who live in the moist east coast won't have to pay taxes to put out fires thousands of miles away.

Or, even better! Get all governments at all levels out of fire fighting completely. Let each individual homeowner hire their own firefighters when a fire threatens their home. Isn't that the libertarian way?

Yak, yak, some stuff as I've heard before.

Syria is on everyone's mind and this is what worrying you.

Arranging the deck chairs on Titanic.


Well, folks, here is why I usually delete this reader's comments. It takes a weird hubris to write crap like this.


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